Victoria Rader’s style review

Victoria Rader’s style review

Instagram influencer, @vikyandthekid and 301,000 followers; Since 2014, he has been attracting attention with his blog posts and instagram posts.

Especially in recent years instagram account; it offers a visual feast with both photo shoots, makeup and blonde hair that are identified with it. And she dazzling with current, futuristic and cool style moves.

The most distinctive colors of this season are natural color tones, beige, cinnamon, hot coffee, walnut color, caramel creamy tones, yellowish coffees. At Viky, this trend is cool with parts and accessories that blend different styles. Here are some of the combinations you can get inspired.

Victoria Rader
Victoria Rader

Let’s take another inspiration from Viky

This year, as in the previous year, the crowbar pattern is on the agenda. Skirts, jackets, dresses, transparent blouses, bags, crowns, hats, especially in sailors’ hats has become impossible to see this pattern. Viky also used as a team and light brown fishing knitwear, thin belt and again this season, which is very trendy blot-nosed platform boots also colored. This combination can be adapted to business life and can be completed in daily life with sneakers.


This time we have Victoria Rader with light gray plaid patterned jacket and skirt.

The classic team has got a modern, casual feel with the tshirt. And the most impressive piece in this combination is Prada Combat boots, one of the most popular trends of recent times! (PRADA Leather Platform Combat Boots)

It is a chunky, bulky, thick soled boot with lace on the knee and bags attached to the outer calf. Dr.Martensler more rough form .. We have recently started to see Turkish influencers. If you want a more affordable and slightly simpler version. You can find Zara in the new season.

This time, Victoria attracts attention with her zebra-patterned sweater and beret of the same pattern.

The zebra pattern has been in effect since last year. With the most vibrant and striking shade of mustard color, the zebra pattern made it even cooler. This way you can color your zebra patterned clothes and make a difference. And, of course, the super-sized glasses that create a shield effect have made the combination of assertive, brave.

Leather .. Leather .. One of the indispensable parts of this season is definitely

Culotte colored his leather pants with a cotton-silk pink satin shirt. It has created a contrasting combination by making the skin appeal more pleasing. The blunt-nosed boots are also at the end of the trousers. Artificial leather fabric is one of the pieces that should be bought this season. It is both sexy and remarkable, and very cool when you sport it. You can choose not only black, but also burgundy and brown shades in this winter.