Fraules feat. Fraules girls & Camron One-shot

Song Shaggy “Hey sexy lady” (used for inspiration only)

SOOOOO how to begin! This choreo was made with a big inspiration from jamaican sexy lady Shelly Xpressionz – i promised her to do this choreo so yes! BUT!) this choreo is mostly for couple…and thanks to Camron One-shot for dancing it with me cause it was my kind of dream to dance together since 2011) This dancer was and is a big inspiration for me in dancehall, so you can see the result!!!))) Dancehall is such a sexy dance) so lets dance it together)))))
Camera – Alena Fominikh, Pasha Trutnev (Smokin Monkeys production)
Edit – Fraules, Pasha Trutnev (Smokin Monkeys creative
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Elena Fraules
[email protected]
Camron One-shot: