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FMTV Token - White Paper

ART WORKS: TV programs, special youtube shows, fashion shows, interviews of famous models shooting, beauty contests, special designs of fashion designers, special magazine issue and photos

Vakkas Aygül


Historically, local national currencies as legal tender have always been backed by the so-called Gresham’s Law: “Bad money drives out good.” Bad money is money that the state apparatus issues in favour of the interests of the government rather than the people. It is this law that is the source of such tedious phenomena as inflation, manipulation, abuse and coercion along with violence. Bitcoin provided an answer to this abuse in response to the 2008 global crisis, but it and its forks only partially solve the problem, since its value creation is only available to specially trained and equipped miners. At the same time, the use of bitcoin as a medium of exchange is significantly difficult due to the low speed and high cost of transactions. Introduction To implement the mission “The best money drive out bad!», Tron network and fresh models magazin tv  social blockchain platform are created. 

Vision  , Studies  ,  Questions

What is the target industry of the project (e.g. finance, healthcare, supply chain, social media and energy, etc) and what is the market size? *

ART WORKS TV programs, , special magazine magazine issue and photos total network min target 1 million fan groups and max target 100 fan groups million magazine culture audience and investor

Who are the target users? (e.g. consumers, service providers, retail investors, professional investors, etc.) *

TV show viewers youtube channel followers viewers tabloid buyers and advertisers Fan groups followers of famous models and designers Sponsorships with famous fashion brands

Provide a brief project history. *

Interviews and footage with one celebrity every month, released over the course of 12 months Cover girl competition that takes place every year fashion shows and shootings Gift certificates issued every month

What is the long term vision of the Project and how do you expect to get there? *

We want to become a world-famous TV and magazine magazine token.

Please provide a detailed quarterly project roadmap (i.e., technology and commercial development) with relevant milestones for the next 4-6 quarters. *

1. Shots with famous Victoria Secret models
2. Special works to be done with famous singers, nft works and interviews, works of art
3. beauty contest is being prepared now.
4. Sold at least 5 million tokens for 6 months sponsorships of at least 100 thousand dollars and above

Please describe the current development stage of the project. *

Our founder is a very successful photographer and director. He did social affairs and studies. and we have many valuable designers and celebrities in our team.

Please provide a comprehensive description of the token/coin, including core use cases and an overview of the token economy. *

With the tokens of the TV channel or magazine, users will be able to decide who will appear and shoot at the next show, or they will be able to vote for a song.

Please discuss your social communities and include links along with user counts per media outlet (e.g., Telegram, Reddit, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Viber, KakaoTalk, Imo, Zalo, BBM, ChatOn, etc.) Please be as detailed as possible. *

Please outline the fundraising history of the project (date, valuation, $ raised, token / share price, investor list per round, etc.) *

All employees will be given a 1% share when the total number of circulating supply tokens reaches the target of 20 million., pub-1677064995622617, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0